TeknoBgt: Fitness Movement for Ideal Weight

Having an ideal posture is the dream of everyone, especially the fair sex. To get the ideal weight is not easy, but if we are willing to consistently strive, it is not impossible. Among the many attempts made to form an ideal body, some people choose to do extreme things to the point of self-harm. They range from strict diets to liposuction surgeries. In fact, there are also many natural and simple ways to realize the ideals of the fair sex, such as changing lifestyles to be healthier. It starts with eating foods rich in nutrients and exercising regularly. You can also do various types of exercise, such as jogging, cycling, swimming, yoga, to doing fitness movements that can make your body shape ideal such as:

Sit Up/ Chrunches

The sit up movement  is performed in a lying position, knees bent with the toes of the feet treading to the floor and the position of the hands beside the ears or in front of the chest. With the strength of the abdominal muscles, the upper body is raised upwards so that it moves closer to the knees. Whereas crunches are almost similar to sit ups in that the range of movement is narrower and the legs do not tread to the floor but are lifted together with the upper body.

Forearm & Biceps

Gelambir in hand certainly makes you unconfident. Therefore, you need to train the muscles of the arm or what is known as biceps. No less important are the forearms or muscles of the lower arm. You do this by repetitioning to lift the dumbbells up and down.3. AnxietyThe kegel training can be done while lying down, both hands are left below while lifting the pelvis up and repeating this activity until several reps.

Hula Twist

The hip region is often a scourge, especially for women because it often causes problems. The dilated accumulation of fat is thought to reduce the attractiveness of a person’s appearance. This hula twist movement is useful for reducing fat on the hips and making the body shape ideal.


Bridge is a sleeping motion on your back on the floor, bending both knees with the soles of your feet touching the floor. The distance between the legs is also set a little wider than the hips. It’s a good idea to place a medium-sized plastic or rubber ball over the thigh to keep the pelvis and spine in a normal position. This movement works for the buttocks and hamstring muscles.

Leg Biceps

Leg biceps is an exercise in the lower leg muscles. Leg biceps can be done on your stomach while placing a load on the calf that is swung up and down. Its function is to strengthen the leg muscles. If the leg muscles are h2, then even sports such as running or cycling will feel easy.

Push Up

Push Ups are movements or fitness exercises that use the body as a weight. The correct push ups can train the muscles of the arms, hands, and abdomen. Pushups consist of wall push ups, knee push ups, and perfect push ups whose pedestals lie on the toes and palms.

You can do some of the exercises above yourself at home using one tool, namely Hemkop Sport. For those of you who like to train muscles, now you no longer need to bother coming to the gym that can drain your pockets. Now you can have a healthy body, h2 muscles, and burn fat to the maximum with just one tool equivalent to the use of various fitness equipment.

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